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Virtual Classroom

What is Virtual Classroom?

    • Virtual Assembly can be conducted by the Principal
    • Whiteboard utility for Mathematical Drawing, formulation and other Text contents
    • Chat room for Messaging
    • Teacher to Student Conversation and vice versa
    • Lock Meeting
    • Enable and Disable Audio and Video
    • Teacher can focus on students who are not attentive
    • Multiple Screen Sharing
    • File Transfer and Notes distribution
    • Student Registration/Login
    • Teacher Registration/Login
    • Class/Session Scheduling for Virtual Meeting
    • Session recording for absentees and future reference by Teachers
    • Attendance and Reports

Advantage of Virtual Classroom

    • We don’t find much difference while we compare between physical classroom and virtual classroom as the Teacher will see all the Students online
    • Teacher can identify whether the Student is attentive or not very easily and shall inform student to become active with one to one conversation or one to many