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Welcome to Tekvantis Edu!

TEKVANTIS Cloud Solutions Private Limited is recognised IT Company by DIPP (Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India). We are ISO 9001:2015 certified for Quality Management System in providing Solutions & Services with total commitment towards 100% Customer Satisfaction. We are having highly qualified staff with lot of experience in every domain and verticals epically in the field of education.

We capitalize on our vast experience in the market in various fields and industries by employing innovative solutions that give our clients competitive edges throughout their business model by gaining benefits some of which to include cost reduction, faster reliable decisions making, increased efficiency, best utilization of available resources and integrated supply chain improvement.

What is Tekvantis Edu?

Tekvantis Edu is an ultimate and Comprehensive Educational Solutions to make Institutions and Students SUCCESSFUL

After doing a lot of research and development to find an effective solution which is highly scalable, personalised and customization capabilities with enhancing features and Third-party integration technology to resolve your problems, we have developed an integrated platform using latest technology and resources. Our Applications are multi-dimensional, optimised, highly secured with uncompromising security on your student’s databank

Tekvantis Edu is not just any other eLearning application. Most solutions in this vertical provide out-dated technology, high costs, consumes high bandwidth, low speed etc. Top of the line challenges are vocal disturbance, connectivity hassles, disruptions and many more. Does it sound similar to the challenges you face in arranging online classes?

Tekvantis Edu is an integrated System developed on hybrid wireframe using latest platform and highly encrypted technology for Schools, Colleges and Academy which enable any institution to deliver high quality education on Virtual Environment.

Tekvantis Edu is a SaaS Solutions. Instead of having to install and maintain software on servers that your company maintains, SaaS applications are hosted on the internet, so you don’t have to worry about setting up special hardware or software.

Why Tekvantis Edu?

Tekvantis Edu is a comprehensive platform in eLearning education, playing a significant role and a driving force in the growth of an institution and keeping the interest of students intact and build the competitiveness among student all the time to achieve long term goals.

Fast deployment
Since TEKVANTIS is taking care of the hosting infrastructure, it saves time for you and your IT department in deploying a new solution.

Easy maintenance
Flex is a “multi-tenant” architecture means there is a single code base across all clients. This means that all product upgrades, bug fixes, and new features are easily and automatically available to all eligible customers.

Technical scalability
Flex is scalable and redundant cloud services which is properly architected, it is much easier to automatically scale up and down based on total network demand. Monitoring is also possible across the entire solution. So, there is no downtime, maximum concurrent users’ limitation, and off-site backups.

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