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A Comprehensive Educational Solutions to make Institutions and Students SUCCESSFUL

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Virtual Classroom

Virtual Assembly can be conducted by the Principal

Learning Management System

Notifications and Announcement can be configured…

Enterprise Resource Planning

Student information System

Best Virtual Education, unique methodology and cost effective solutions

Learn Anytime
and Anywhere

Fast deployment, Easy maintenance, Technical scalability
Easy to deploy, flexible, scalable, and redundant cloud services which is properly architectured, it is much easier to automatically scale up and down based on total network demand. Monitoring is also possible across the entire solution. So, there is no downtime, maximum concurrent users’ limitation, and off-site backups.

Best Virtual Education, unique methodology and cost effective solutions

Key features

21st Century Classroom

Your school website is customized and powered by Tekvantis Edu

Analytics and Assessment of the Student made easier

Highly encrypted with embedded technology for security and privacy

School management made easy with latest Technology assistance

24 x 7 Support

Tekvantis Education

It is a comprehensive platform in eLearning education, playing a significant role and a driving force in the growth of an institution and keeping the interest of students intact and build the competitiveness among student all the time to achieve long term goals.

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